Payroll – Behind the Scenes – Part 5 “The Summer Edition”

These behind the scenes blogs are generally a little more generic and feature a mix of clients, stories shared by peers and overheard at conferences, but because we have such a bank of first hand examples from actual clients, we have focused on them for this edition. Enjoy!

“I love my job but my dedication to it sometimes comes at a personal cost, as I will now explain.

The stresses of managing payroll for a large organisation can be overwhelming at times, and I was long overdue for some rest and relaxation. I meticulously planned my vacation, booking flights, accommodations, and even arranging for a colleague to take care of my responsibilities while I was away. Everything seemed perfect, until the looming realisation hit me – there simply wasn’t enough cover to handle the intricate payroll processes and BAU in my absence (we were also going through a particular busy growth stage).

I approached my manager and explained the situation, emphasizing the importance of having trained professionals oversee payroll during my absence. However, due to various factors , finding suitable cover became an insurmountable challenge. We even explored the option of hiring temporary help, but it proved to be unfeasible given the limited time frame and the complexity of our payroll systems.

As the departure date for my vacation drew nearer, I had to make a difficult decision. I realised that I couldn’t risk leaving the payroll function in a vulnerable position. So, with a heavy heart, I made the tough call to temporarily cancel my holiday plans and guess who I called next…yes, CR Payroll!! I won’t let this happen again!”

“I am originally from Italy and I moved to Ireland 4 years ago to take up a position as a Payroll Manager. I come from a big family and every year we all go on a group cruise holiday, the timing of this holiday clashed with bonus time in the company so I couldn’t get annual leave approved. I was devastated to miss the gathering, particularly as my parents are getting older. This year I had my first child and decided enough was enough. I had heard about CR Payroll’s Payroll Cover and I convinced management to try it out. I am going away in 3 weeks and everything is set up for CR Payroll to step in and manage the process in my absence. It is a game changer!”

“I started a new role as HR Director at the end of 2022 and when I joined I realised that we had Payroll Cover in place with CR Payroll. Having never heard of the offering before (soon discovered they were first to market with it) I was questioning its requirement. I will confess that I was of the opinion that payroll emergencies didn’t really exist, the job always got done and I was oblivious to the work that went on behind the scenes to make that happen. Thankfully, before I decided to pull the plug on it, I got a first hand example of why it should be in place. 2 of my senior team had annual leave approved at the same time (in place before I arrived) and then one of the other team handed in her 2 weeks notice meaning I had 2 weeks to find a solution that would replace 3 members of the team. Enter CR Payroll! Because they were already in situ we were able to lock in the dates and there was no scramble to get temps in or put undue pressure on the rest of the team. I have heard it described by others as a safety net or blanket and that is exactly what it felt like to be able to fall back on it when I needed to.”

“I was on my holidays, sunning myself on a beach in Spain when the CEO called me in a panic at 10am (Irish time) saying that there was an issue in the payroll team (can’t go into specifics on what the issue was) and could I log in to complete the payroll run? His panic was only heightened when I said I didn’t have my laptop and therefore was no use to him. He had forgotten that I had brought in CR Payroll cover 2 months prior so the relief in his voice when I reminded him of that fact was palpable. I rang my account manager in CR Payroll and as per their 2 hour SLA guarantee, they were up and running just after noon and the payroll was completed on time and without any disruptions to operations and I was able to return to my book. In the words of the old Mastercard ads, CR Payroll Cover – Priceless!”

If you want to make sure that you never get caught out get in touch with us today and get your Payroll Cover in place.


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