Hard Times Come Again…Once More…For The UK

There is not a lot of love in the room for Chancellor Jeremy Hunt in the wake of his Autumn Statement, and understandably so. His budget was the most dismal, gloomy, and depressing account of the state of the UK’s economy. Real household incomes are set to fall by 7% between now and the next […]

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Payroll – Behind the Scenes – Pt 2

A few weeks ago we published the first in our series of Payroll – Behind the Scenes blogs. These blogs detail some of the realities of working in Payroll from both a humorous angle and a terrifying cover your eyes angle. For those of you that work in payroll these will sound all too familiar […]

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Fiscal Conservatism is a Euphemism for Pain

The first draft of this blog was written in the aftermath of Liz Truss and Kwasi Kwarteng’s so called mini budget. When that blew the doors off the British economy, and Kwasi got his marching orders, a second version was written. It focused on the reforms announced in the mini budget around off-payroll rules that […]

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Payroll – Behind the Scenes – Pt 1

The life of a Payroll Manager/Administrator is a busy one. They have insider knowledge of the ins and outs of the employee set up and they are the often unsung heroes of the organisation, responsible for helping new employees, sorting out tax benefits and ultimately making sure that everyone gets paid which some would argue […]

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How Budget 2023 Impacts Payroll

No budget, even one with an €11 billion price tag is going to get universal approval. And so it is with Budget 2023. Framed in the context of a once in a generation cost of living crisis Ministers Paschal Donohoe and Michael McGrath had their work cut out for them to try to ensure that […]

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The Under-Appreciated Career That Is Payroll

They say that you don’t choose payroll, payroll chooses you. For many of us who work in the payroll profession and love the job, that statement rings true. There are a couple of paths to becoming a payroll professional: Joining an organisation as a Payroll Administrator and gaining experience on the job; Moving from a […]

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The Top Five Ways To Safeguard Your Payroll Staff

Staff turnover is a reality, and payroll staff are just as easily enticed away as staff in the organisation’s other departments, perhaps even more so. Payroll is the only department where doing your job perfectly, and never making a mistake is just seen as doing your job. While there may be some upsides to injecting […]

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Who Would Choose Payroll As A Career?

Working in payroll can be a really satisfying career for the right type of person. It’s not for everyone, but if your personality is the right fit for the job, it can be very rewarding. Payroll is a critical part of any organisation, big or small. After all, what is more important to employees than […]

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Mind The (Gender Pay) Gap

Companies in Ireland with workforces of more than 250 employees are for the first time this year obliged to publish information on the gender pay gap in their organisation. The move has come about as a result of The Gender Pay Gap Information Act 2021 signed into law by Ireland’s coalition government last year.

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