CR Payroll offer 4 key services and some of our clients will avail of them all to meet their internal requirement to deliver transformational change within Payroll. Irish League of Credit Unions (ILCU) is an example of one of those clients. The transformational vision they had for their payroll required a likeminded partner that would minimize risk while providing the expertise to streamline and modernize their payroll.

CR Payroll filled that need exceptionally well using a 3-pronged approach:
1. Processing the payroll at a BAU level for ILCU
2. Supporting ILCU in choosing the best-fit outsourced vendor through the completion of an RFP process
3. Representing ILCU during the project to transition to the chosen outsourced vendor.

Who are the ILCU?

Irish League of Credit Unions (ILCU) represent most credit unions in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. Credit unions affiliated to the ILCU have 3.6 million members throughout the island of Ireland. Globally, this is one of the highest numbers of credit union members per head of population. Worldwide there are more than 86,000 credit unions in 118 countries serving over 375m people. Credit unions have been ranked as number one among the top one hundred most highly regarded organisations in Ireland, in the Ireland RepTrak 2023 annual study.

Our Multi-Faceted Role

When ILCU partnered with CR Payroll, the need was immediate, and the ambitious plan was inspiring. CR Payroll were excited to be part of this transformation and participate in driving its success.

Phase 1 required CR Payroll specialists to complete the daily BAU processing of the payroll for ILCU. The complexity of business requirements was great and the process information available to our specialists was minimal. However, CR Payroll specialists coupled their depth of experience and knowledge with their sensitive, empathetic approach to deliver an on-time, accurate, risk-free payroll to ILCU employees every month.

“CR Payroll’s in-depth knowledge & expertise of payroll processing and their excellent approach to fitting into the business exceeded my expectations.”

Phase 2 involved the completion of an RFP process by CR Payroll on behalf of ILCU to find the best-fit outsourced vendor for their payroll. Knowing the details of the payroll and in consultation with the internal stakeholders, CR Payroll defined the outsourced vendor requirements in accordance with MoSCoW Prioritization and engaged with various outsourced partners who reviewed and responded to the requirement listing. The responses were then analyzed by the CR Payroll team who hosted in-person meetings in the presence of ILCU internal stakeholders to review the detail of the service offerings from the shortlisted vendors. CR Payroll provided a final presentation to ILCU detailing the scoring of the tender responses, scoring of the demos and comparable pricing plans along with any vendor limitations or other points of note allowing ILCU to make an informed, objective decision. Upon receipt of approval from ILCU, CR Payroll completed contract negotiations with the preferred outsourced provider along with the rollout of the Vendor Statement of Work.

“CR Payroll supported us in the selection of an outsourced payroll provider. They owned the RFP project and drove it through to completion for us, all the while keeping us fully informed. Their scoring of tender responses was thorough and transparent and gave us the confidence that we were choosing the best provider for ILCU.”

During Phase 3, CR Payroll represented ILCU throughout the project to transition from an in-house payroll processing model to the chosen outsourced vendor. The provision of an experienced CR Payroll Specialist with in-depth knowledge of ILCU payroll processes and procedures ensured the outsourced payroll solution provided was extensively tested and met the current and future needs of ILCU payroll. The project stages included data migration from the current payroll system, parallel processing of payrolls, etc.

“CR Payroll’s representation of ILCU in the completion of the move to our newly chosen outsourced provider was exceptional. They remained ahead of the project schedule and their responsiveness to the delivering of project requirements and answering of project related questions was remarkable. ”

“I acknowledge how difficult the past few months has been for our CR Payroll Specialists. I am wholehearted in my appreciation for their hard work and professionalism. I witnessed firsthand the dedication and skill of the CR payroll staff as we completed our payroll processing transformation.”

David Malone, CEO, ILCU

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