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Payroll is rarely static, and from time to time changes to your processes are required. This could be because of a review of your payroll processes, amendments to the frequency of payments, moving your payroll to an outsource provider, or taking it back in house. Or it may be a bigger project brought about by a merger or acquisition, with all the transfer of undertakings that necessitates. At CR Payroll we’re experienced in dealing with all these changes, and our experts are here to help.

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Process Reviews

Payroll Frequency Changes

Outsourcing or Moving inhouse

Mergers, Acquisitions & TUPE’s

Our reviews typically take between three and five days to complete.

Process Reviews

Our remote payroll process review ensures your payroll process is efficient and fully compliant. The fully independent, end to end audit comes with a clear set of recommendations, saving you time and money, and reducing the risk of fraud. Our reviews typically take between three and five days to complete.

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Payroll Frequency Changes

Changing the frequency of employee payments can be complicated. At CR Payroll we are experienced in the complexities of payroll frequency changes. We have successfully assisted clients through the entire process, from the basic questions around the need to change, to testing the new payroll run, to communicating the change to our clients’ employees. Let us help you manage the change from start to finish.

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Outsourcing or Moving inhouse

Moving your payroll to an outsource provider, changing provider, or taking your payroll back in house are all scenarios that require careful planning and execution. We have worked with numerous clients to successfully and seamlessly manage the handover process. It’s complex, but that shouldn’t mean that it is stressful. Let CR Payroll guide you from making the initial decision to final testing and implementation.

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Mergers, Acquisitions & TUPE’s

When companies buy over other businesses, or are bought over, there are employee transfer of undertaking responsibilities that must be adhered to. At CR Payroll we have helped numerous clients navigate their obligations to their employees as their business merges. This can be an emotionally challenging time for employees, so the accurate transfer of payroll data is a critical part of the onboarding process.

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What our clients say

Hugh O’Brien Former Group HR Director, Eir

"Due to the methodology and approach CR Payroll applied, the transition occurred seamlessly without any significant issues. There was no business disruption, all salary payments were made on time and correct. All tax returns were completed on schedule."

Beckie Robertson Head of HR, Trust Ford

"CR Payroll’s solution is reliable and robust and provides a much needed safety net to the payroll team. I would recommend it to any prospective clients."

Eimear Byrne Former Associate Manager, HR Shared Services, Stryker

"The support offered by the CR Payroll team is second to none. Payroll cover is never a problem even at short notice. It is invaluable from a business perspective coming from a campus of over 3,000 employees with combinations of weekly, bi-weekly and monthly payrolls."

Niamh O'Kane EMEA Payroll Manager, Zendesk

"Due to the urgency of our request we were onboarded as a client in a few days. They hit the ground running with very little handover. We would recommend the company specifically for the high quality of all of their staff and their flexible and reliable approach."

Hugh O'Brien Head of Human Resources, Applus+ Automotive Ireland.

"The staff are payroll experts who bring confidentiality and a problem-solving, practical mentality to their customers’ challenges by delivering a high-quality service. The team always ensure a 100% adherence rate to their 2-hour contractual SLA which is the best in the market."

Michael Cronin Group Financial Controller,The Rehab Group

"Because of the work we do, it is vital we can rely on the businesses we engage with. CR Payroll has provided this support and has the skill set to complement our HR and Payroll functions. CR Payroll has supported us in the delivery of project works, helping us with system upgrades to enhance our Payroll and HR processes. CR Payroll has also accommodated us with urgent payroll cover while we dealt with staff changes. The quick response time has been helpful in filling the gap for us in a time of need."

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