Payroll Business Process Review

How efficient and compliant is your payroll process?

Are you sure that your payroll processes are optimal? Are your payroll specialists adhering to best payroll practice at all times?

Our detailed onsite UK and Ireland payroll business process review will ensure that the end-to end payroll process is thoroughly independently reviewed. A clear set of recommendations is issued to ensure optimal payroll efficiency as well as regulatory compliance.

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Benefits of a Payroll Business Review


Cost and Time Savings


Reduction/ Elimination of Regulatory Non-compliance


Reduction of Risk of Fraud


Fully Independent

What our clients say

CR Payroll have hit the ground running with providing payroll support to TrustFord. The level of payroll expertise of the staff leads to a guaranteed high quality of work.

The solution is reliable and robust and provides a much needed safety net to the payroll team. I would recommend it to any prospective clients

Becki Robertson

Head of HR, TrustFord – We drive the standard in customer care

The support provided by CR Payroll for emergency payroll is a huge weight off from a business perspective. Recently, a team member who was responsible for a weekly payroll of over 900 employees had to leave sick. Without CR Payroll we would have been under serious internal pressure to ensure all folks on that payroll got paid. This is just one example of the tremendous support Mairead and the team have given us.

Also, the team gave us an overview of PMOD recently to solidify team knowledge. It included a Q&A session among our internal payroll team. This was hugely beneficial for our team at Stryker. It particularly helped to ensure consistency across the team. So everyone was applying the same new revenue rules, especially regarding starters and terminations.

The support offered by the team is second to none. Payroll cover is never a problem even at short notice. It is invaluable from a business perspective coming from a campus of over 3,000 employees with combinations of weekly, bi-weekly and monthly payrolls.

Eimear Byrne

Associate Manager, HR Shared Services, Stryker

We rely on CR Payroll for contingency payroll support because they provide a consistently reliable high-quality payroll service.

Due to the urgency of our request we were onboarded as a client in a few days. They hit the ground running with very little handover.

We would recommend the company specifically for the high quality of all of their staff and their flexible and reliable approach.

Niamh O'Kane

EMEA Payroll Manager, Zendesk

I contacted Mairead Coughlan to take over NGA payroll platform for Eir, at very short notice. It consisted of eight payrolls for 3,500 staff, ranging from weekly, bi-weekly to monthly payrolls. Also, there were complex pay rules and rates.

Her team familiarised themselves with the numerous payroll systems within weeks and operated the end to end payroll processes.

Due to the methodology and approach applied, the transition occurred seamlessly without any significant issues. There was no business disruption, all salary payments were made on time and correct. All tax returns were completed on schedule.

Mairead Coughlan was an obvious choice later once we decided to introduce the CoreHR Payroll system. We gave her and the team full ownership for the transfer from NGA to the CoreHR payroll system.

As expected the transition was flawless, with no errors, no employee complaints, and significant savings in payroll processing costs.

Hugh O’Brien

Former Group HR Director, Eir

CR Payroll are a company entirely focused on delivering a reliable and quality service every time.

The staff are payroll experts who bring confidentiality and a problem-solving, practical mentality to their customers’ challenges by delivering a high-quality service.

The team always ensure a 100% adherence rate to their 2-hour contractual SLA which is the best in the market.

CR Payroll are a pleasure to deal with, I would highly recommend them to any company which is serious about contingency planning for their key payroll processes

Hugh O'Brien

Head of Human Resources, Applus+ Automotive Ireland

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